Achieve a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

We support you reach your goals by
building a sustainable and evidenced
based approach to functional strength
and conditioning training.

Explore our offerings

Strength classes

Strength and power development using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, jumping (plyometrics), bodyweight exercises, and modified strongman training.

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Conditioning classes

A high intensity endurance class involving a combination of interval and circuit training.

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Functional fitness classes

A mixture of strength and endurance promoting a range of fitness and movement qualities.

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Kettlebell classes

To help master all facets of kettlebell movements. Building into the kettlebell snatch, jerk, and long cycle movements.

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Personal Training

Private classes to help focus on your needs and achieve your goals.

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Why choose us for training?

Health and fitness can be confusing.
We know how to make it simple.
Head coach and owner James Ross lives health and fitness.
He is a world kettlebell champion athlete.
He coaches the coaches in kettlebell training methodologies.
He has a Masters in Exercise Science.
The training program brings together science and real-life experience.

We make sure you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals and have fun in the process.


Years of experience


Classes taught


World kettlebell champion


5 star reviews

“Finally found a gym that makes me feel comfortable and motivates me to achieve my goals

BJ Mash

“So much knowledge and experience, they make the process simple and accessible.

Michael Digs
South Yarra

“I love the community feel to the gym. It's so welcoming. Never been so comfortable at a gym before.