The Richmond Gym

Group fitness classes at The Richmond Gym

TRG Functional Fitness
Strength 50%
Endurance 50%

A balanced strength & conditioning workout

TRG Strength
Strength 80%
Endurance 20%

Strength and power development using a variety of classic training methods.

TRG Conditioning
Strength 20%
Endurance 80%

High intensity endurance workout using a combination of intervals and circuit training

TRG Kettlebells
Strength 50%
Endurance 50%

This class uses kettlebells and kettlebell sport (aka. Girevoy) exercises

TRG Movement Quality

The movement quality class  helps you address any weaknesses with corrective exercises or mobility work. Improving movement quality will have wide reaching effects that will improve your overall performance, and reduce the risk of injury.

Long term planning is a big part of The Richmond Gym and we do not take a one size fits all approach to training.

All classes contain five phases, each phase contains four weeks of training.

Each phase and week are designed to set up the next phase for success.

Within each week of training there are multiple workouts that are designed to fit together to allow for continual progression, regardless of your current fitness level.