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Five reasons we don’t recommend meal plans

One of the unique qualities of The Richmond Gym is our effort to better educate our clients, inside the gym and out!

Our Health Workshops are an opportunity for us to help our member’s become more informed and discerning about their food choices. For this reason, we do not prescribe meal plans to clients, and instead focus on teaching our TRG community about sustainable ways to adjust their diet, according to their health goals.


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Here are five reasons why we don’t use meal plans…


1) Meal plans are rigid, and not sustainable. We teach our members to eat in a way that is maintainable in the long term, no crash dieting allowed!

2) A true meal plan needs to individually calculated and formulated according to an individual’s energy requirements, and not something that can be generically prescribed.

3) A meal plan does not teach the client anything about how much food they should be eating, in terms of numerical value. This needs to be learnt, in order to understand sustainable eating practices. At The Richmond Gym, we teach our client’s to understand portion sizes, and their respective energy needs.

4) When a meal plan is given, it takes ownership away from the individual. At The Richmond Gym, we believe the client needs to take a degree of responsibility for how and how much they eat, and not just simply rely on a meal plan to do the work.

5) Food selection scales in importance from client to client, depending on individual health goals/needs – for example, a diabetic vs an endurance training athlete vs a coeliac. Just as a generic meal plan cannot be prescribed from an overall energy standpoint, the types of foods and the structure of the meal plan needs to be individually designed, and not universally applied.


If you’re keen to learn more about our workshops, make sure you stay up to date here, and book your place at our upcoming events!

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