The Richmond Gym


Everybody has plans to get fit and healthy. But finding the right gym, trainer & program – and sticking at it – is often too hard.

The Richmond Gym (TRG) takes the guess work out of fitness so you can focus on living a full life and doing the things you love.

The TRG Method and community will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals and have fun along the way.


What we're not

  • We’re not a traditional gym where you’re just another anonymous member.
  • We don’t have mirrors, we focus on self awareness of skill and technique.
  • We’re not CrossFit. We love what they do but our philosophy is different.
    We don’t do WODs. Our training is based on training ‘cycles’ that will progressively develop your skill, cardiovascular fitness and strength.
  • We’re not one size fits all.

What we are

  • We all know each other’s names and have a lot of fun training together.
  • We mix things up, but within a structured framework to ensure you’re getting a balanced workout that allows you to adjust to your own fitness level and abilities.
  • We encourage you to record everything, ensuring that you can track your progress.